Summer Camp Schedule


Berkeley Locations:

June 18, 25 @ Berkeley Location TBD (We're looking for a venue! If you know of a lovely kid friendly kitchen and multi-purpose room, please email us.

July 30, August 6, 13, 20 @ Berkeley Methodist Church 1710 Carleton St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Camps offered:
Ages 5-13 | CIT 14-17

Level 1
Farmers Market Savory California Cuisine

Artisanal Chocolate and Hand Churned Ice Creams

Level 2
(Participants must participated in one camp from Level 1)

Junior Iron Chef Training


Bliss Belly kitchen Camp

Bliss Belly kitchen offers eco-conscious and soul conscious cooking classes utilizing farm fresh ingredients, yoga, and mindfulness to give children the best possible connection to themselves and to the land and source where their food comes from.

Cooking, Yoga, Mindfulness, FUN!!!

Learn to make simple, delicious, and nutritious meals.  We use healthy locally sourced organic ingredients to teach children about the basic fundamentals of healthy cooking and eating. Participants learn to source, cook, and eat delicious recipes.

Whether it’s packing a lunch, making a snack, or helping to prepare a family meal, these students will be prepared to support busy family life challenges with a new found knowledge and empowerment around cooking and good food!

Menus Change every week based on Farmers Market Produce:

Farmer's Market Savory California Cuisine $475
Vegetable Soup, Fresh baked Bread, French Fries,
Healthy Mexican Food, Guacamole Salad,
Mac N Cheese, Fruit Salad,
Pizza from scratch
Rainbow Spring Rolls and Miso Soup

Artisanal Chocolate, Hand Churned Ice Creams, and Healthy Baking $475
Artisanal Chocolate Bark, Bars, Molds, and Truffles
Hand churned Ice Creams
Refined Sugar Free Baked goods
Cookies, Cakes and Brownies

Junior Iron Chef Camp $525
Participants who have graduated from our Level 1 camps and are now ready to put their culinary knowledge in action! Each day, our budding Junior Chefs will receive a mystery basket of farm fresh ingredients and be challenged to create a family style meal. "Celebrity Judges" (the Chef Instructor) will judge the entries for taste, creativity, healthiness, and presentation. The final day will be dedicated to healthy dessert making.

(Note: Registration fee includes a $50 Materials Fee)

Participate in any 2 weeks of camp for $875. 

Sibling discount $30. Early Bird Discount through 2/28 $25

A Note on Scholarships- While we know that every child deserves a proper culinary education, not every family has the resources. We are a small business, but we strive to make this knowledge accessible to families regardless of income bracket. Therefore, this year, we will be offering full and partial scholarships based on financial need. If you'd like to donate or "Pay it Forward" to a camper in need, you can donate. We will have a link up soon.